From blog to bookshop.

Murder at the Star will be published as a book.

Murder at the Star will be published as a book.

For those who may have I missed my over-excited social media triumphalism earlier today, I would like to announce that I have today received formal confirmation that Murder at the Star is to be published in book form.

Bridgend-based Seren Books will be publishing Murder at the Star as part of their Spring 2015 catalogue.

I am absolutely delighted to have struck a deal with Seren as it has always been my hope that I would be able to keep Murder at the Star an entirely Welsh project and they have always been my first choice publishers.

In fact, Seren is the one and only publisher I approached, so to have received such positive feedback and indeed confirmation that they wished to be part of the project has been nothing short of brilliant.

To my mind, Seren is the most prestigious non-academic publishing company in Wales and boast authors such as Edward Thomas, RS Thomas and Dannie Abse in their catalogue along with the likes of Whitbread nominee Richard Collins and Welsh Book of the Year winner Lloyd Jones.

I am therefore delighted that Seren has agreed to publish for Murder at the Star and I look forward to joining their prestigious roster of writing talent.

I would, once again, like to thank everyone who had followed this blog and @murderatthestar on Twitter for your support and interest.



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