Morgan Jeffreys

Morgan Jeffreys

Morgan Jeffreys was the landlord of Star Stores and owner of Commerce Place. It was Jeffreys who alerted Phoebe Jones that there was a problem at the Star and Jeffreys who followed her inside to discover the body of Thomas Thomas.


Williams and Harries, Commerce Place.

Williams and Harries, Commerce Place.

The staff of Williams and Harries, Milliners and Drapers, at Number Four, Commerce Place, Garnant.

Star Stores floor plan

Star Stores floor plan

The floor plan of Star Stores as drawn by DI George Nicholls of Scotland Yard. Thomas Thomas’ body was found behind the provisions counter at the bottom of the picture. The killer made his escape down the stairs at the right of the image and out of the cellar door.

Star Stores crime scene images.

Star Stores crime scene images.

The rear of the provisions counter where Thomas Thomas’ body was found lying on the floor with his feet between the barrel and the box. The broomhead seen behind the counter was smeared with Thomas Thomas’ blood and broke away from its handle during the attack.